• Professional Care - The best equipment enables the chance for the best experience.

  • Ranger Bass Boats - We will be fishing out of the best bass boats made right here in the USA.

  • Hunting a Giant - When you book a trip expect a great professional guide with aspirations to land you a trophy fish.

  • Lake Fork in Emory Texas - Lake Fork is beautiful and a must see in person, come get a trophy fish.

Come Wet a Line

Big Bass Lake Fork.

Whitt will keep the trip professional and educational. Whether you are wanting to catch a giant fish or learn a new technique Whitt Smith Lake Fork Guide can ensure you an incredible experience on beautiful Lake Fork. Whitt has opening for 1/2 days or full 8 hour days to meet your fishing needs.


Book Ahead

Whitt is a full time guide so make sure you book your trip in advance, a $200 deposit is required to save your date.


Guided Partners

Whitt is proudly partnered with other professional guides and can get discounted rates on lodging.



Some times the worst days are the best days to catch giant bass, make sure you call before your trip to ensure safety.



Not only will you fish but you will learn how to use your electronics and find fish fast with the newest technology.


Get current lake updates

Whitt updates social media almost daily with current patterns and recent guide trips.


  • Deep Bite

    We use crank baits, jigs, carolina rigs and soft plastics to catch fish hugging the bottom.

  • Suspended

    We use jerkbaits, shallow crank baits and weightless plastics to catch those difficult fish.

  • Shallow and Spawn

    Primarly we will use soft plastics but on correct weather paterns we will throw moving baits.

Top Instruction

  • 1
    Shallow water

    Spawn and Fall Techniques

  • 2

    Showing you how to find fish

  • 3
    Suspended Fish

    Making the hard to catch fish bite

  • 4
    Deep Fish

    Graphing and catching off shore bass

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